The Basics

Below is a diagram that outlines each individual component that make up our tethers. This diagram should help make customizing your tether effortless!

Who or what is Tuff Tethers?

Why We Exist


Which Loop Size Is Right For You? Let's Find Out!

Our larger loops (Top) are designed to fit the stock Peak Pro Oculus or Ball cap grommet. Large loops can also fit the awesome Rockulus and Multipass caps from our good friend OTPglass!

Our smaller loops (Bottom) are intended for those of you who are running either the stock Peak bubble caps or other aftermarket bubble caps that do not utilize the Oculus or Ball Cap grommet.

Nano vs. OG Coil

Coil Sizes

Both coils function the same and have nothing to do with chamber sizes.

The Nano coil (left) is our smaller, compact size that fits in the Journey bag without needing to be removed. Perfect for those looking for a compact design.

Our OG coil (right) is a bit larger and is our original coil size when we first invented these. For those looking to show off those customs or blueprints, this is for you!

Both sizes function amazingly well, this one comes down to preference!

MESH: High vs. Low Coverage

For Custom Blueprints

Which MEsh is for you?

Nexus Tethers


8Bit Coils

Dare to be Square!


Where's My Order!?!?

We do our best to ship orders as quickly as possible and do our best to stick to a 7-14 business day building and processing time frame.

Each order is built by hand and with all the available customizations, are built to order. We all know that life happens so if we take a tad bit longer, please know that we are moving as fast as possible and will ship your order the moment it is built into existance!